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Angli Press [Secret of Good English] By Mukesh Sharma.

Rs.480.00 Rs.685.00


Cengage Learning [Principles of MICROECONOMICS witiwh CourseMate (English), Paperback] by N. Gregory Mank

Rs.600.00 Rs.750.00

OVERVIEWPRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS, Sixth Edition, became a best seller after its introduction and continues to be the most popular and widely used text in the economics classroom. Instructors found it t..

Harshitraj Publication [ Manav Vigyan (Hindi), Paperback] by Krishna Kumar

Rs.210.00 Rs.280.00


Himalaya Publishing House [Bharatiya Arthvyavastha (Indian Economy) 30th Revised Edition (Hindi) Paperback] by V K Puri & S K Mishra

Rs.575.00 Rs.675.00

S. K. Misra is a Reader in Economics in Hindu College, Delhi University and has a teaching experience spanning four decades. V.K. Puri is a Reader in Economics in Shyam Lal College, De..

Kitab Mahal Publication [Vittiya Lekhankan (Financial Accounting) (English), Paperback] by Matabadal Shukla

Rs.385.00 Rs.480.00

Contents1. Introduction2. Accounting Principles3. Indian Accounting Standards4. Journal5. Ledger and Tribal Balance6. Subsidiary Books of Account7. Capital and Revenue Items8. Accounting Concept of In..

Lexis Nexis Publication [Economic & Social Development in India (English), Paperback]

Rs.160.00 Rs.225.00

Jigeesha’s Economic and Social Development in India is a comprehensive book designed for Civil Services aspirants preparing for the preliminary examination. The text is divided into two parts— Academi..

LexisNexis Publication [Economic & Social Development in India (English) Paperback] by Jigeesha's

Rs.310.00 Rs.475.00

Jigeesha's Economic & Social Development in India is a comprehensive book designed for UPSC aspirants preparing for the preliminary examinations. The text is divided into five parts - Indian Publi..

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