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Kitab Mahal Publication [Vittiya Lekhankan (Financial Accounting) (English), Paperback] by Matabadal Shukla

Rs.385.00 Rs.480.00

Contents1. Introduction2. Accounting Principles3. Indian Accounting Standards4. Journal5. Ledger and Tribal Balance6. Subsidiary Books of Account7. Capital and Revenue Items8. Accounting Concept of In..

Lexis Nexis Publication [Economic & Social Development in India (English), Paperback]

Rs.160.00 Rs.225.00

Jigeesha’s Economic and Social Development in India is a comprehensive book designed for Civil Services aspirants preparing for the preliminary examination. The text is divided into two parts— Academi..

LexisNexis Publication [Economic & Social Development in India (English) Paperback] by Jigeesha's

Rs.310.00 Rs.475.00

Jigeesha's Economic & Social Development in India is a comprehensive book designed for UPSC aspirants preparing for the preliminary examinations. The text is divided into five parts - Indian Publi..

Macmillan India Ltd [Advanced Bank Management (English), Paperback]

Rs.555.00 Rs.690.00

Advanced Bank Management is a book relating to the subjects banking and finance, which is printed by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF). It was founded in the year 1928 and was initial..

Macmillan India Ltd [Bank Financial Management (English), Paperback]

Rs.630.00 Rs.790.00

‘Bank Financial Management’ is a resourceful and comprehensive guidebook for banking professionals. Published in 2010, the book offers wide coverage to all the vital areas and concepts of banking thro..

Macmillan Publishers India Pvt Ltd [Accounting & Finance for Bankers 3rd Edition (English) Paperback]

Rs.350.00 Rs.440.00

ContentsModule A: Business Mathematics and Finance1. Calculation of Interest and Annuities2. Calculation of YTM3. Capital Budgeting4. Depreciation and its Accounting5. Foreign Exchange ArithmeticModul..

McGraw Hill Education [Financial Institutions and Markets 5th Edition (English), Paperback] by L M Bhole and Jitendra Mahakud

Rs.520.00 Rs.650.00

Up-to-date information and knowledge of all major changes, developments, and innovations, which have taken place in the Indian financial system and markets since the publication of the previous editio..

McGraw Hill Education [Financial Management (Text, Problems and Cases) (English) Paperback] by M Y Khan & P K Jain

Rs.620.00 Rs.725.00

Financial Management: Text, Problems and Cases is a comprehensive book for students of Finance and Commerce. The book comprises chapters on financial management, time value of money, risk and ret..

McGraw Hill Education [Financial Management (Theory and Practice) English, Paperback] by Prasanna Chandra

Rs.690.00 Rs.795.00

This new edition of this well accepted text-cum-reference book on financial management presents the central theme and concerns of corporate finance and strategic financial management. Integrating the ..

McGraw Hill Education [Indian Policy and Development (English) Paperback] by Saumitra Mohan

Rs.277.00 Rs.395.00

'Indian Policy and Development is a comprehensive and exhaustive manual of government policies and schemes meant for complete coverage of the all viable topics for UPSC Prelims exam as well as for Gen..

McGraw Hill Education [Microeconomic Theory 3rd Edition Dominick Salvatore (Hindi), Paperback] by Dominick Salvatore

Rs.440.00 Rs.625.00

Schaum's Outline give you the information your teacher expects you to know in a handy and succinct format-without overwhelming you with unnecessary details.You get a complete overview of the subjects...

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