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Academic Foundation [Indian Economy (Economic Development and Policy) (English) Paperback] by Uma Kapila

Rs.350.00 Rs.495.00

Indian EconomyEconomic Development and Policy (2016-17)Uma Kapila (Ed.)Actual Price: INR 495About the BookThis book has been designed to cover the course content of Indian Economy paper for ..

Academic Foundation [Indian Economy, Performance and Politics 19th Edition (English) Paperback] by Uma Kapila

Rs.550.00 Rs.650.00

HERE's the new, 18th Edition of the widely accepted textbook on Indian Economy for undergraduate students (BA and BCom Hons.) incorporating the latest recommended readings. The book provides a compreh..

AITBS Publishers, India [English Literature] Enlarged Edition William J. Long

Rs.240.00 Rs.295.00

Contents1. Introduction - The Meaning of Literature2. The Anglo-Saxon or Old-English period3. The Anglo-Norman Period4. The Age of Chaucer5. The Revival of Learning6. The Age of Elizabeth7. The Purita..

Arihant Publication PVT LTD [Samanya Hindi (Hindi), Paperback] by Onkar Nath Verma

Rs.99.00 Rs.165.00


Associated Publishing House [Comparative Public Administration, Paperback] by Ramesh K. Arora

Rs.135.00 Rs.150.00

Contents1. Introduction2. The Evolution3. Conceptual Approaches4. The Bureaucratic System Approach: Its Salient Characteristics5. Bureaucracy and the Political System6. Riggs's "Administrative Ecology..

Atlantic Publication [Western Political Thought Vol. I From Plato to Burke (English), Paperback] by S. K. Sharma & Urmila Sharma

Rs.315.00 Rs.395.00

The significance of political thought cannot be overemphasized. The task of understanding the deeper implications of the present situation and the future planning can be assisted by a careful study of..

Bharati Bhawan Publication [Teach Yourself History (History of India : 1206 to 1526 AD) (Hindi) Paperback] by Dr. Rameshwar Prasad

Rs.90.00 Rs.100.00

Contents1. The Establishment of the Turkish Rule in India: The Early Turkish Rulers (1206-1290)2. The Expansion of the Delhi Sultanate: The Khilji Imperialism (1290-1320)3. The Delhi Sultanate and the..

Bharati Bhawan Publication [Teach Yourself History - History of India AD 1757-1950 (Hindi) Paperback] by Dr. Rameshwar Prasad

Rs.175.00 Rs.196.00

ContentsSection - I1. Establishment of the British Rule - Karnataka and Bengal2. The Expansion and Consolidation of the British Empire in India3. India and the Empire4. The Governor-Generals of the Co..

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