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Cengage Learning's [Science and Technology for Civil Services Examinations (English), Paperback] by Cengage Team

Rs.129.00 Rs.180.00

OverviewWe bring to you a series of books for effective preparation of Civil Services Examinations. These books are written following a powerful pedagogy and are developed with a scientific approach t..

Central Law Academy [Constitutional Law of India, Paperback] by Dr. J. N. Pandey

Rs.480.00 Rs.600.00

Contents Foreword. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. The nature of the Indian Constitution. 3. Salient features of the Indian Constitution. 4. The preamble of the constitution. 5. The union and its territo..

Civil Services Times Publication [Indian Economy on Current Perspective (English) Paperback] by Vivek S. Raj

Rs.340.00 Rs.425.00

Content1. Banking Sector Development2. Finance and Capital Market3. Insurance Sector4. Public Finance5. External Sector6. Industrial Sector7. Planning in India8. Fiscal Federalism9. Price Management10..

Civil Services Times Publication [Indian Government and Politics (English) Paperback] by Vivek S. Raj & Vishi Sengraj

Rs.267.00 Rs.395.00

Contents1. Constitution at a Glance2. Constitutional History3. Nature of Constitution4. making of the ConstitutionI. Indestructible UnionII. CitizenshipIII. Fundamental RightsIV. Directive Principles ..

Cosmos Publication [Bharat ka Bhoogol NCERT Sar (Class - VI - XII) Ist Edition, (Hindi), Series - 3 Paperback] by Mahesh Kumar Barnwal

Rs.230.00 Rs.380.00

Contents1. Geographical Location of India2. Geographical Region of India3. Physical Nature of India4. Climate5. Soil6. Natural Vegetation7. Biodiversity8. Unnatural Death9. Water Resource10. Multipurp..

Cosmos Publication [Vishva Itihas (Hindi) Paperback] by Mahesh Kumar Barnwal

Rs.130.00 Rs.180.00


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