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BSC Publication [Advanced Verbal Reasoning (English), Paperback] by K. Kundan

Rs.160.00 Rs.230.00

Contents1. Syllogism2. Linear Seating Arrangement3. Circular Seating Arrangement4. Order Sequence5. Puzzle6. Input-Output7. Inequality8. Data Sufficiency9. Logical Reasoning10. Coding-Decoding11. Code..

Macmillan India Ltd [Advanced Bank Management (English), Paperback]

Rs.555.00 Rs.690.00

Advanced Bank Management is a book relating to the subjects banking and finance, which is printed by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF). It was founded in the year 1928 and was initial..

McGraw Hill Education [Advanced Maths As per the Latest Pattern of SSC Examination (English), Paperback] by Ashutosh Kumar Pandey

Rs.345.00 Rs.495.00

In this book, theory is well explained in detail and concepts are systematically given. The book includes ample practice questions in order of difficulty ranging from easy to advanced. In each chapter..

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Miraya Publication [Advanced Word Booster, Paperback] by Shyam Sharma

Rs.220.00 Rs.320.00


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Rajesh Lamba Publication [Advanced Maths (Biingual) Paperback] by Rajesh Lamba

Rs.196.00 Rs.280.00

Contents1. Algebra2. Trigonometry3. Height & Distance4. Lines & Angles5. Polygons6. Quadrilaterals7. Congruence & Similarity of Triangles8. Centres of Triangle9. Circles10. Two Dimensions ..

Rawat Publication [Advanced Modern Political Theory (Analysis and Technologies)] Paperbacks by S. L. Verma

Rs.260.00 Rs.325.00

This book meets the challenges coming up before Political Science of the Twenty-first Century in the form of Globalisation, Global Governance, Feminism, Contemporary Terrorism, State Supremacy, Democr..

S. Chand Publication [Advanced Economic Theory (Microeconomic Analysis) English, Paperback] H L Ahuja

Rs.615.00 Rs.725.00

• New Topical Coverage: A critical analysis of economic efficiency under perfect competition and its market failures• Advanced Treatment of Topics: Discussion on the choice of  a risk averter and..

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