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McGraw Hill Education [International Relations in the 21st Century, Paperback] by Pushpesh Pant

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This book traces the storyof international relations, rightsfrom the time of the emergenceof soverign states to the presentday global issues. Written with an academic flavour from a student'sperspecti..

Anmol Publications PVT LTD [International Relations, 4th Edition Revised and Enlarged, Paperback] by Vinay Kumar Malhotra

Rs.315.00 Rs.350.00

Contents Preface 1 Origin and growth of international relations 2 Nature scope and purpose of international relations 3 The nature and functioning of the sovereign state system 4 Concept of power 5 El..

Cengage Learning's [International Organizations and Bilateral Relations for Civil Services Examinations (English), Paperback] by Cengage Team

Rs.230.00 Rs.330.00

OverviewFeaturesTable of ContentsWe bring to you a series of books for effective preparation of Civil Services Examinations. These books are written following a powerful pedagogy and are developed wit..

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McGraw Hill Education [International Relations for Civil Services Examinations, Paperback (English)] by Pavneet Singh

Rs.415.00 Rs.595.00

DESCRIPTIONSInternational Relations for Civil Services Examinations is an all-encompassing manual on world politics, foreign policy and international relations that is a must-read for all UPSC candida..


Rs.170.00 Rs.240.00

This book traces the story of international relations, rights from the time of the emergence of sovereign states to the present day global issues. Written with an academic fla..

New Academic Publishing Co. [International Politics Theory & Practice (English), Paperback] by U. R. Ghai

Rs.540.00 Rs.600.00

ContentPart - I. International Politics (Theory)1. International Politics2. International Politics : History of Evolution and Issue of Autonomy3. Approaches to the Study of International Relations: An..

PHI Publication [International Relations] Peu Ghosh

Rs.280.00 Rs.350.00


Sage Publication [International Politics (Concepts, Theories and Issues) Paperbacks] Edited by Rumki Basu

Rs.390.00 Rs.475.00

DescriptionInternational Politics is designed as a core textbook of International Politics at the undergraduate level in Indian universities. It provides a roadmap that can orient the student to the m..

Shankar IAS Academy [International Organizations (English) Paperback]

Rs.270.00 Rs.325.00

ContentsPart - I United Nations SystemsPart - II Regional OrganizationsPart - III Financial and Trade OrganizationsPart - IV Cultural, Ethnic, Linguistic and Religious OrganizationsPart - V Ideologica..

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