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Macmillan Publishers India Pvt. Ltd. [Modern Microeconomics 2nd Edition (English), Paperback] by A. Koutsoyiannis

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This book provides a thorough exposition of the traditional and the 'modern' micro-theory. It concentrates on the models of behaviour of the basic economic units, consumers and producers. The main emp..

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Shubhra Ranjan Publication [UPSC IAS General Studies Paper - II Vol. Il (English), Paperback] Compiled by SHUBHRA RANJAN

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90+ Expected Questions & Their Model AnswersContents1. Governance2. Constitution and Polity3. Constitutional and Non-Constitutional Bodies4. Social Justice5. Schemes and Policies6. Judiciary7. Rol..

Abhinay Publications [Play with Advanced Maths (English) Paperback] by Abinay Sharma

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Contents1. Algebra2. Trigonometry3. Coordinate Geometry4. Geometry5. Height and Distance6. Mensuration ..

Academic Foundation [Indian Economy (Economic Development and Policy) (English) Paperback] by Uma Kapila

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Indian EconomyEconomic Development and Policy (2016-17)Uma Kapila (Ed.)Actual Price: INR 495About the BookThis book has been designed to cover the course content of Indian Economy paper for ..

Academic Foundation [Indian Economy, Performance and Politics 19th Edition (English) Paperback] by Uma Kapila

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HERE's the new, 18th Edition of the widely accepted textbook on Indian Economy for undergraduate students (BA and BCom Hons.) incorporating the latest recommended readings. The book provides a compreh..

Arihant Publication - 151 Essays (English) Author - SC GUPTA

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