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Bloomsbury [Paper Towns (English), Paperback] by John Green

Rs.299.00 Rs.399.00


BS Publications Pvt. Ltd. [Ethics in Governance Resolution of Dilemmas with Case Studies (English) Paperback] by Mohan Kanda

Rs.350.00 Rs.395.00

This book Ethics in Governance is rich source of thought on the subject Ethics as the overaching frame work for the application of acceptable principles is an important concern today. The case studies..

BSC Publication [A Magical Book Series Verbal Reasoning (Commonsense Reasoning) (English) Paperback] by K. Kundan

Rs.245.00 Rs.350.00

Verbal Reasoning published by BSC Publication is ideal for those preparing for various competitive exams.SynopsisThis book contains logical, analytical reasoning and verbal reasoning topics to help..

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