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Himalaya Publishing House [Bharatiya Arthvyavastha (Indian Economy) 30th Revised Edition (Hindi) Paperback] by V K Puri & S K Mishra

Rs.575.00 Rs.675.00

S. K. Misra is a Reader in Economics in Hindu College, Delhi University and has a teaching experience spanning four decades. V.K. Puri is a Reader in Economics in Shyam Lal College, De..

Krishnakirti Publication [General Studies Special 2017 (Indian Polity & Governance : MegaBook) Paperback] Solved Paper with Explanation 2000-2016

Rs.120.00 Rs.170.00

Contents1. Constitutional Development and Preamble2. Union and its Territory and Citizenship3. Fundamental Rights4. Directive Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Rights5. The President and the ..

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