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Golden Publication [Elementary Physical Geography (English), Paperback] by Anil Kesari

Rs.162.00 Rs.230.00

Contents1. What is Geography2. The Universe3. The Earth4. Latitudes and Longitudes5. Motion of the Earth6. Interior of the Earth7. Rocks8. Folding & Faulting9. Volcanoes-types, Land forms and dist..

N.T.C. Publication [General Hindi] by Anil Pathak

Rs.70.00 Rs.90.00


NBT Publishing [Jharkhand (Hindi) Paperback] by Anil Kumar

Rs.75.00 Rs.80.00


Pearson Publication [Reading Gandhi (English), Paperback] by Anil Dutta Mishra

Rs.220.00 Rs.269.00

Reading Gandhi is a textbook for undergraduate students of Gandhi Studies. However, it will also interest anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the Mahatma's writings. The book covers all of Gand..

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