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General Studies Preliminary Examination (Geography of INDIA) English, Paperback by K. Siddhartha & S. Mukherjee

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CONTENTIndia : Location SizeGeologyPhysiographyIndian Drainage SystemClimateNatural VegetaionSoilsFloodResourcesAgricultureSettlement..

General Studies Preliminary Examination (Physical Geography in Diagrams- Climatology & Oceanography) English, Paperback by K. Siddhartha & S. Mukherjee

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DescriptionUSE FULL BOOK FOR GS BOOKS GEOGRAPHY (CLIMATOLOGY & OCEANOGRAPHY)CONTENTSECTION - I: CLIMATOLOGYThe AtmosphereComposition of the AtmosphereStructure of AtmosphereInsolationTemperatureAt..

Ghatna Chakra Arthiki अतिरिक्तांक (आर्थिकी) India & World

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अनुक्रमणिका महत्पूर्ण आर्थिक घटनाकर्म ,प्रमुख योजना,राष्ट्रीय आय,  कृषि उत्पादन,उद्योग छेत्र,परिवहन छेत्र,वैदेशिक छेत्र,ऊर्जा छेत्र,पर्यटन छेत्र,बैंकिंग छेत्र,वस्तु एवं सेवा कर (GST),वै..

Himalaya Publishing House [Bharatiya Arthvyavastha (Indian Economy) 30th Revised Edition (Hindi) Paperback] by V K Puri & S K Mishra

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S. K. Misra is a Reader in Economics in Hindu College, Delhi University and has a teaching experience spanning four decades. V.K. Puri is a Reader in Economics in Shyam Lal College, De..

IGNOU - Arthashastra (Economics) MA (Hindi) Printed

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IIMS Publications [Arthshastra (Economics) (Hindi) Paperback] by G. K. Puri

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