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Malik & Company, Jaipur [Arthik Niti and Prashasan (Economic Policy & Administration) Hindi, Paperback] by Dr. Surendra Katariya

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Contents1. Economic Development and Economic Planning in Developing Economy2. Planning Machinery in India3. Planning Machinery at the State Level4. Economic Policy5. Public Enterprises in India: Evolu..

Maulik Bhugol (Hindi, Paperback, K Siddhartha)

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McGraw Hill Education [Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude 2nd Edition (English), Paperback] by M. Karthikeyan

Rs.277.00 Rs.395.00

This book is meant for aspirants of the Civil Services Mains examination – General Studies Paper IV. It comprehensively covers the syllabus and helps aspirants in in-depth preparation for this paper. ..

Models & Theories in Geography (English, Paperback, K. Siddhartha)

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NBT Publishing [Earthquakes Forecasting & Mitigation (English), Paperback] by H. N. Srivastava

Rs.148.00 Rs.185.00

The book presents intricacles and complexities of earthquakes in a reader-friendly style. The author has comprehensively dealth with earthquake hazards, forecasting models, earthquake disaster managem..


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