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Rawat Publication [Bhartiya Samajik Vicharak, Paperback (Indian Social Thinkers)] by S. L. Doshi

Rs.160.00 Rs.200.00

Contents1. Indian Social Thinkers : Sociological Concerns2. G. S. Ghurye's Sociology and his Indology3. Marxism in A. R. Desai's Sociology4. M. N. Srinivas : Structure-Functioning5. Louis Dumont: Cast..

Rawat Publication [Bhartiya Samajik Vyavastha, Paperback (Indian Social System)] by Ram Ahuja

Rs.200.00 Rs.250.00

Contents1. Hindu Philosophy : Continuity and Change2. Unity in Diversity3. The Family System4. The Kinship System5. Status of Women6. The Hindu Marriage7. Muslim and Christian Marriage8. Age at Marria..

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Sarthak Publication - Bhartiya Arthvyavastha avam BPSC (Hindi, Paperback) by Kumar Sarvesh

Rs.200.00 Rs.320.00

अनुक्रमअर्थव्यवस्था : प्रमुख आयाम१. आर्थिक संवृद्धि : सम्बंधित मुद्दे २. बिहार : गरीबी और आर्थिक पिछड़ापन ३. योजना आयोग से नीति आयोग तक ४. भूमि सुधार 5. कृषि छेत्र ६. कृषि-मूल्य एवं सब्सिडी नीति ७. कृष..

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