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Cosmos Publication [Comparative Politics & International Relations , English, Paperback] by Prakash Chander and Prem Arora

Rs.460.00 Rs.575.00

Prakash Chander, Prem Arora’s Comparative Politics and International Relations is an excellent guide for Civil Services Examination aspirants. It helps the readers to prepare for the Main IC..

Delhi University Publishing [Praacheen Bhaarateey Sabhyata ka Itihaas (Hindi), Paperback] by Sir Rameshchandra Dutt

Rs.320.00 Rs.400.00

Delhi University PublishingPraacheen Bhaarateey Sabhyata ka Itihaas(Hindi), Paperback]bySir Rameshchandra Dutt..

Gyan Publishing - Gyan Bharat 2018 (Hindi, paperback) by Gyan Chand Yadav

Rs.260.00 Rs.360.00


Har-Anand Publication PVT LTD. [Medieval India 5th Edition (Part - II) Paperback] by Satish Chandra

Rs.440.00 Rs.549.00

Contents1. Central Asian Politics and the Advance of Babur towards India: 2. Struggle for Empire in North India (i) Afghans, Rajputs and Mughals 3. Struggle for Empire in North India 4...

Har-Anand Publications PVT LTD [Ideology and Politics in Modern India (English) Paperback] by Bipan Chandra

Rs.260.00 Rs.325.00

Bipan Chandra’s Ideology and Politics in Modern India is a volume of essay collection that brings out the political as well as ideological facets of the present India. The most important ess..

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