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McGraw Hill Education [International Relations in the 21st Century, Paperback] by Pushpesh Pant

Rs.185.00 Rs.265.00

This book traces the storyof international relations, rightsfrom the time of the emergenceof soverign states to the presentday global issues. Written with an academic flavour from a student'sperspecti..

All India Bar Examination Conducted (2nd edition 2021) by The Bar Council of Indian (LAW & JUSTICE PUBLISHING CO.)

Rs.255.00 Rs.425.00

All India Bar Examination Conducted by The Bar Council of IndianSOLVED PAPERS2011 to 2021with Exhaustive Explanations&Case LawsLAW & JUSTICE PUBLISHING CO.  ..

AN INTRODUCTION TO POLITICAL THEORY (9th Edition) by O.P. GAUBA (National Paperback)

Rs.440.00 Rs.550.00

 AN INTRODUCTION TO POLITICAL THEORY(9th Edition)ByO.P. GAUBA(National Paperback) This new edition of An Introduction to Political Theory examines a fairly wide range of issues concerning t..

Arihant Publication - Pathfinder CDS Examination Conducted by UPSC (English, Paperback) by Arihant Experts

Rs.440.00 Rs.735.00

About the Book To the soldier, battle is merely another word for skill, and courage is synonymous to honor. Conducted by UPSC, Combined Defense Services (CDS) Exam is the first te..

Arihant Publication PVT LTD [Get Success In SSB Interviews (English), Paperback]

Rs.147.00 Rs.245.00

The Services Selection Board (SSB) conducts interviews for recruitment to varied posts and this book has been designed for the aspirants preparing for interviews conducted by the Services Selection Bo..

CODE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Q & A) (First Edition – Vol-1) by Pariksha Manthan

Rs.195.00 Rs.280.00

First Edition – Vol-1CODE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Q & A) (First Edition – Vol-1) by Pariksha ManthanForCivil Judge/Higher Judicial Services/ APO Mains Examinations&LL.B Syllabus of all Universiti..

CODE OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE (Q & A) (First Edition – Vol-3) by Pariksha Manthan

Rs.230.00 Rs.330.00

First Edition – Vol-3CODE OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE (Q & A) (First Edition – Vol-3) by Pariksha ManthanForCivil Judge/Higher Judicial Services/ APO Mains Examinations&LL.B Syllabus of all ..

Criminal Procedure (7th Edition) by R.V. Kelkars (EBC)

Rs.795.00 Rs.995.00

Criminal Procedure(7th Edition)byR.V. Kelkars(EBC)..

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