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Angli Press [Secret of Good English] By Mukesh Sharma.

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Arihant Publication [Objective General English] Author- SP Bakshi

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Bharati Bhawan (P & D) [Brush Up Your English] Compiled by S T Imam

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JPH [General English] Author - U.R. Mediratta and Mehul Mediratta

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Lucent Publication [General English] Author - A. K. Thakur

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S. Chand Publication [A New Look at Modern Indian History (From 1707 to the Modern Times, 32nd Edition Paperback) English] by B.L. Grover and Alka Mehta

Rs.480.00 Rs.550.00

Contents1. Decline And Disintegration Of The Mughal Empire 2. Achievements Of The Early Peshwas 3. Maratha Administration Under The Peshwas 4. Anglo-French Rivalry In The Carnatic 5. The Rise Of The E..

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