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Atlantic Publication [Western Political Thought Vol. I From Plato to Burke (English), Paperback] by S. K. Sharma & Urmila Sharma

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The significance of political thought cannot be overemphasized. The task of understanding the deeper implications of the present situation and the future planning can be assisted by a careful study of..

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Bharati Bhawan Publication [Teach Yourself History (History of India : 1206 to 1526 AD) (Hindi) Paperback] by Dr. Rameshwar Prasad

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Contents1. The Establishment of the Turkish Rule in India: The Early Turkish Rulers (1206-1290)2. The Expansion of the Delhi Sultanate: The Khilji Imperialism (1290-1320)3. The Delhi Sultanate and the..

Bharati Bhawan Publication [Vishva Itihas ka Sarvekshan (Hindi) Paperback] by Dinanath Verma & Shiv Kumar Singh

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This book on world history is useful for undergraduate students as well as for those who are taking UPSC, BPSC and other state public service commission examinations...

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