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Oxford India Paperback [Indian Philosophy Volume - 2 Second Edition (English), Paperback] S. Radhkrishnan

Rs.425.00 Rs.525.00

Rated as classics, these two volumes comprehensively survey Indian thought from the Rig Veda to Ramanuja. They authoritatively showcase ancient philosophical texts and relate them to contemporary issu..

Oxford India Paperbacks [Indian Philosophy Volune - 1 Second Edition (English) Paperback] by S. Radhakrishnan

Rs.400.00 Rs.495.00

Indian Philosophy (Volume 1) is the first of the two brilliant volumes on Indian philosophy during the Epic and Vedic periods.Summary Of The BookIndian Philosophy (Volume 1) is a part of the clas..

Oxford India Paperbacks [Parties and Party Politics in India] Edited by Zoya Hasan

Rs.400.00 Rs.495.00

Contents1. The Congress "System" in India / Rajni Kothari 2. Social cleavages, elections, and the Indian party system / Pradeep K. Chibber, John R. Petrocik 3. Mrs. Gandhi's pyramid : the ne..

Oxford India Paperbacks [Politics in India (Structure, Process and Policy) Paperback] by Subrata K. Mitra

Rs.490.00 Rs.595.00

ContentsIntroduction: Modern Politics and Traditional Society in the Making of Indian Democracy1. Pre-Modern Pasts of Modern Politics: The Legacies of British Colonial Rule2. From Homo Hierarchicus to..

Oxford India Paperbacks [Public Institutions in India (Performance and Design)] Edited by Devesh Kapur and Pratap Bhanu Mehta

Rs.440.00 Rs.550.00

Contents1. Explaining democratic durability and economic performance : the role of India's institutions / Devesh Kapur 2. The Indian Parliament / Arun Agrawal 3. The presidency / James Manor..

Oxford India Paperbacks [Social Stratification] Edited by Dipankar Gupta

Rs.430.00 Rs.525.00

ContentPrefaceAcknowledgementsHierarchy and Difference: An Introduction, Dipankar Gupta1ICaste23Varna and Caste, M.N. Srinivas28Features of the Caste System, G.S. Ghurye35Multiple Reference in Indian ..

Oxford India Paperbacks [The Indian Constitution, Cornerstone of a Nation] by Granville Austin

Rs.320.00 Rs.395.00

Contents1. The Constituent Assembly - Microcosm in Action 2. Which Road to Social Revolution? 3. The Conscience of the Constitution - The Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy - ..

Oxford India Paperbacks [Working A Democratic Constitution (A History of the Indian Experience)] by Granville Austin

Rs.540.00 Rs.675.00

ContentsPart I The Great Constitutional Themes Emerge, 1950–66Chapter 1 Settling into HarnessChapter 2 Free Speech, Liberty, and Public OrderChapter 3 The Social Revolution and the First AmendmentChap..

Oxford India [India's Foreign Policy (Paperback) Retrospect and Prospect] Edited by Sumit Ganguly

Rs.355.00 Rs.445.00

List of Tables and FiguresAcknowledgementsList of Abbreviations1. The Genesis of Nonalignment (Sumit Ganguly)2. India-Pakistan Relations: Between War and Peace (Rajesh M. Basrur)3. When Individuals, S..

Oxford Indian Paperback [Does the Elephant Dance?] Author - David M. Malone

Rs.475.00 Rs.595.00


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