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Drishti Publication Quick Book [Bhaarateey Sanvidhaan evan Raajavyavastha (Indian Constitution and Polity) (Hindi Paperback] 1st Edition

Rs.245.00 Rs.350.00

Drishti Publication Quick BookBhaarateey Sanvidhaan evan Raajavyavastha (Indian Constitution and Polity) (Hindi Paperback(1st Edition)संघ तथा राज्य लोक सेवा आयोगों की प्रारंभिक तथा मुख्य परीक्षाओ..

McGraw Hill Education [Objective Bharat ki Rajvyavastha (Indian Polity) Paper - I 1500+ MCQs with answers (Hindi) Paperback] by M. Laxmikant

Rs.280.00 Rs.395.00

Modelled on this author's best-selling Indian Polity, this book contains high-quality, Objective type questions on the Constitution and political system of India. These questions are of two categories..

Spectrum Publication [Bharatiya Rajvyavastha (Indian Polity) (Hindi) Paperback] by Rajendra Prasad Sharma

Rs.321.00 Rs.395.00

INDIAN POLITYThis book examines the constitutional framework of the present day political system in India—how it evolved and how it has been modified over the years. It also discusses various issues p..

Vision IAS - Mains 365 Current Affairs - "Rajvyavastha" (Polity) (Hindi)

Rs.41.00 Rs.100.00


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