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Angli Press [Secret of Good English] By Mukesh Sharma.

Rs.480.00 Rs.685.00


Cambridge University Press [A History of Modern India (English) Paperback] by Ishita Banerjee Dube


A History of Modern IndiaIshita Banerjee-DubeCenter for Asian and African Studies, El Colegio de MéxicoThis book provides an interpretive and comprehensive account of the history of India between the ..

Cambridge University Press [India in the World Order Searching for Major-Power Status (English), Paperback] by Baldev Raj Nayar & T. V. Paul

Rs.400.00 Rs.500.00

Two highly regarded scholars come together to examine India’s relationship with the world’s major powers and its own search for a significant role in the international system. Central to the argument ..

Lotus Press Publication [How to Solve Math Puzzles] by Anu Sehgal

Rs.100.00 Rs.125.00


Lotus Press [Philosophy India (English), Paperback] by F. Max Muller

Rs.200.00 Rs.250.00

Contents1. Seeking the Truth2. The Bases of Indian Philosophy3. Uttara-Mimamsa or Vedanta4. Purva-Mimamsa5. The Samakhya6. The Yoga7. The Nyaya8. The Vaiseshika9. Summing up..

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