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BS Publications Pvt. Ltd. [Ethics in Governance Resolution of Dilemmas with Case Studies (English) Paperback] by Mohan Kanda

Rs.350.00 Rs.395.00

This book Ethics in Governance is rich source of thought on the subject Ethics as the overaching frame work for the application of acceptable principles is an important concern today. The case studies..

Crown Publications [Aadhunik Nhaarat ka Itihaas (Hindi), Paperback] by Shekhar Srivastava

Rs.245.00 Rs.380.00

Crown PublicationsAadhunik Nhaarat ka Itihaas(Hindi), Paperback]byShekhar Srivastavaसंघ एवं राज्य लोक सेवा आयोग के प्रारंभिक एवं मुख्य परीक्षाओं के लिए उपयोगीमुख्य आकर्षण• आधुनिक युग में आधुनिक क्या..

Cyber Tech Publications [Understanding Caste System (Anatomy and Anomaly) (English) Paperback] by William Jones

Rs.720.00 Rs.900.00

ContentsPreface1. Understanding Caste System2. Castes and Caste System3. Caste System in Nepal4. Caste System in Other Countries5. Indian Caste System and Rural Settlement6. Anatomy of Caste Violence ..

Daksh Publications [Concepts of Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency (English), Paperback] by Gajendra Kumar & Abhishek Banerjee

Rs.105.00 Rs.150.00

The book covers all the aspects of Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency. The book is divided into 5 chapters. Each chapter describes the concepts related to the chapter along with numerous Solve..

Dhanpat Rai Publications [Mathematics Class - VIII (English), paperback] by R. D. Sharma

Rs.345.00 Rs.285.00

The present Revised edition of the book has been written strictly according to the latest syllabus prescribed by the NCERT.Keeping in mind the mental level of a child, every effort has been made to in..

Dhanpat Rai Publications [Objective Mathematics Volume - I for JEE (Main & Advanced) & Other Engineering Entrance Examination] by R. D. Sharma

Rs.960.00 Rs.1,195.00

Description of each sectionVolume 1Algebraic inequalities.Logarithms.Miscellaneous equation and in equations.Logarithms.Mathematical reasoning.SetCartesian product of set and relations.Inequalities.Ma..

Drishti publication -Samanya Gyan 2022 (Hindi,Paperback)

Rs.200.00 Rs.280.00

Drishti publication -Samanya Gyan 2022 (Hindi,Paperback)..

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