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EARLY SOCIAL FORMATIONS (Twenty Second Edition) by Amar Farooqui (Manak Publications Pvt. Ltd

Rs.430.00 Rs.500.00

EARLY SOCIAL FORMATIONS(Twenty Second Edition)byAmar FarooquiManak Publications Pvt. Ltd..

Eolas Publications [India Year Book 2018 Summary & Analysis (English, Paperback) by Jayant Parikshit

Rs.250.00 Rs.250.00

CONTENT1. Geography & Environment2. Economics & Finance3. Social Issues & Government Schemes: 2018-194. Foreign Policy & International Relations5. Law & Polity6. History & Cult..

Har-Anand Publications PVT LTD Trends in Indian Culture and Heritage] by Dr. Ausaf Sayeed

Rs.481.00 Rs.595.00

Ausaf Sayeed opens the doors to the true essence of India's rich cultural heritage through his book Trends In Indian Culture And Heritage. The book is designed as a comprehensive study guide for stude..

Har-Anand Publications PVT LTD [Ideology and Politics in Modern India (English) Paperback] by Bipan Chandra

Rs.260.00 Rs.325.00

Bipan Chandra’s Ideology and Politics in Modern India is a volume of essay collection that brings out the political as well as ideological facets of the present India. The most important ess..

Har-Anand Publications PVT LTD [Indian Politics Since 1991 Reforms and Revivalism (English), Paperback] by Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr

Rs.395.00 Rs.195.00

Contents1. Prologue : Reform and Revivalism2. The Traumatic Turn3. 1991 Economic Crisis : Pretext for Reforms4. Congress : The Winds of Change5. The Ayodhya Agony6. Apologetics of Vandalism7. BJP's Mo..

Har-Anand Publications PVT LTD [Medieval India, Sultanat to the Mughals Delhi Sultanat (1206-1526) 5th Edition Part - I] by Satish Chandra

Rs.265.00 Rs.329.00

Contents1. West and Central Asia Between the 10th and 12th Centuries, and Turkish Advance towards India2. Establishment and Territorial Consolidation of the Delhi Sultanat (1206-1236)3. Struggle for t..

Heed Publications [General Science (English), Paperback] by Ishwar C. Dhingra

Rs.345.00 Rs.460.00

UPSC 's civil service examination is mode of exam par excellence. It offers Neutral playground to all contestants, offering no build in advantage to any student. This element is more true in technical..

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IIMS Publications [Arthshastra (Economics) (Hindi) Paperback] by G. K. Puri

Rs.490.00 Rs.700.00


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