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Access Publishing [Bhoomandalikaran avam Bharat (Hindi) Paperback] by Pushpesh Pant

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Associated Publishing House [Comparative Public Administration, Paperback] by Ramesh K. Arora

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Contents1. Introduction2. The Evolution3. Conceptual Approaches4. The Bureaucratic System Approach: Its Salient Characteristics5. Bureaucracy and the Political System6. Riggs's "Administrative Ecology..

Bharat Publishing House [Bharati Samaj: Saranchana aur parivartan (Indian Society: Structure and Changes) Paperback] by S L Doshi and P C Jain

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Contents1. Historical Moorings of the Indian Society2. Diversity and Unity in Indian Society3. Caste System: Structure and Change4. Class Structure5. Weaker Sections6. Family, Marriage and Kinship7. A..

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Bihar Naman Publishing House - Bihar Naman (Hindi),G S Paper ll , Paperback] by Santosh Kashyap

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63 / 64 & CDPO GS MAINS EXAM ..

CBH Publishing [Selected Western & Indian Political Thinkers, Paperback] by Prem Arora & Brij Grover

Rs.210.00 Rs.250.00

TABLE OF CONTENTSPart -I: Western Political ThoughtFeatures of Ancient Greek ThoughtPlatoAristotleGeneral Characteristics of European Medieval Political ThoughtSt. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)Marsiglio ..

Concept Publishing Company [History of Anthropological Thought (English), Paperback] by Gaya Pandey and V. S. Upadhyay

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THE THOUGHT of any subject is the mother of all concepts. Its history deals with theories developed and contributions made by various schools of anthropological thinkers, who belong to various . Altho..

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