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General Studies Preliminary Examination (Geography of INDIA) English, Paperback by K. Siddhartha & S. Mukherjee

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CONTENTIndia : Location SizeGeologyPhysiographyIndian Drainage SystemClimateNatural VegetaionSoilsFloodResourcesAgricultureSettlement..

General Studies Preliminary Examination (Physical Geography in Diagrams- Climatology & Oceanography) English, Paperback by K. Siddhartha & S. Mukherjee

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DescriptionUSE FULL BOOK FOR GS BOOKS GEOGRAPHY (CLIMATOLOGY & OCEANOGRAPHY)CONTENTSECTION - I: CLIMATOLOGYThe AtmosphereComposition of the AtmosphereStructure of AtmosphereInsolationTemperatureAt..

Kitab Mahal Publication [Climatology Atmosphere, Weather & Climate (English), Paperback] by K. Siddhartha

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THE THEME OF THE BOOKThe present book, "Atmosphere, Weather and Climate" is an attempt to integrate the various needs. It is an amalgamation of the diverse concepts and terms that constitute the subje..

Kitab Mahal Publication [History & Heritage Through Maps (English), Paperback] by K. Siddhartha, Anand Burdhan and Andrea Hepburn

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ContentsSection - A1. Ancient Indian Geographical Concept2. Historical and Cultural Geography of IndiaSection - B3. Places with Location in MapsSection - C4. Pre-Historic Sites of India5. Recently Dis..

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