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Gitanjali Publishing [Comparative Political Theory (English) Paperback] by R. C. Vermani

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Contents1. What is Comparative Political Theory?2. Distinctive Features of Indian and Western Political Thought3. Aristotle on Citizenship4. Locke's Views on Natural Rights and Property5. Rousseau on ..

GK Publication [Nitishastra, Satyanishtha and Abhivratti (Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude) 4th Edition, 2013-2017 Solved Papers (Hindi), Paperback] by G. Subbarao and P. N. Ray Chaudhary

Rs.421.00 Rs.599.00

DescriptionEthics, Integrity and Aptitude: For Civil Services Examination is a hugely popular, authoritative and comprehensive text on the subject.With regular revision and updation over the past year..

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