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Vidya Prakashan [Bharatiya Itihas (Hindi) Paperback] by Dr. Preeti Jain

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Vidya Publication [Decision Making & Problem Solving (Hindi), Paperback] by Dr. Rajesh Sethi

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विषय - सूची1. निर्णयन एवं समस्या समाधान : आवश्यक क्यों?2. निर्णयन : कितना नैतिक, कितना व्यावहारिक?3. अधिकार एवं कर्तव्य से जुड़े निर्णय4. त्वरित प्रतिक्रिया एवं निर्णयन5. प्राथमिकत..

Vikas Publishing House [Foreign Policy of India 6th Edition, (English), Paperback] by V N Khanna

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This edition of the book has been updated up to the time of signing a nuclear deal with the US for civilian nuclear cooperation, and the successful conclusion of a binding agreement with it. The editi..

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