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Vikas Publication [Antarrashtriya Sambhandha (International Relations) Paperback] by V. N. Khanna

Rs.340.00 Rs.425.00

ContentsSection I: Theoretical Perspectives - Introduction to International RelationsRealismNeo-realismLiberalism and Neo-liberalismWorld System and DependencyFeminist approaches, Section II: Historic..

Vikas Publishing House PVT. LTD. [Modern Political Theory] by S. P. Varma

Rs.330.00 Rs.395.00

ContentsPart-I: Nature and Scope of Political Science• Growth of Political Science as Discipline: Traditionalism, Behaviouralism, Post-Behaviouralism • The Behavioural Revolution in Political Science:..

Vivek Publication [Adhunik Samajshastriya Nibandha (Modern Sociological Essays) Paperback] by M. N. Singh

Rs.200.00 Rs.225.00

Contents1. National Integration2. Problem of Increasing Terrorism in India3. Problem of Population in 21st Century4. Exploitation of Human Rights in Democratic Countries5. Regional Disparities and Soc..

Vivek Publication [Bharatiya Samaj : Mudde aur Samasyaya (Indian Society : Issues and Problems) Paperback] by Dr. Dharmveer Mahajan and Dr. Kamlesh Mahajan

Rs.115.00 Rs.130.00

Contents1. Structural Issues and Problems in Indian Society2. Familial Issues and Problems in Indian Society3. Developmental Issues and Problems in Indian Society4. Disorganizational Issues and Proble..

Vivek Publication [Parivartan aur Vikas ka Samajshastra (Sociology of Change and Development) Paperback] by Dr. G. R. Madan

Rs.215.00 Rs.240.00

Contents1. Concept of Social Change2. Evolution3. Progress4. Social Transformation5. Change in Social Structure6. Theories of Social Change7. Factors of Social Change8. Social Change in Contemporary I..

Vivek Publication [Samajik Anushandhan ka Pradali vigyan (Methodology of Social Research) Paperback] by Dr. Dharmveer Mahajan and Dr. Kamlesh Mahajan

Rs.180.00 Rs.200.00

Contents1. Philosophical Roots of Social Research2. Nature of Social Reality and its Approaches3. Quantitative Methods and Survey Research4. Statistics in Social Research5. Qualitative Research Techni..

Vivek Publication [Samajik Anushandhan ki Paddhattiya (Social Research Methods) Paperback] by Dr. Dharmveer Mahajan and Dr. Kamlesh Mahajan

Rs.110.00 Rs.130.00

Contents1. Social Research: Meaning, Scope and Significance2. Conceptualization and Formulation of Hypothesis3. Scientific Study of Social Phenomenon4. Methods of Research: Quantitative and Qualitativ..

Vivek Publication [Samajik Shod aur sankhaiki (Social Research and Statistics) Paperback] by Dr. Ravindra Nath Mukherjee

Rs.225.00 Rs.250.00

Contents1. Social Research2. Social Survey3. Nature of Social Phenomena4. Problem of Objectivity in Sociological Enquiry5. Planning of Social Survey6. Essential Qualities of a Social Researcher7. Logi..

Vivek Publication [Samajik Vichardhara (Social Thought) Paperback] by Ravindra Nath Mukherjee

Rs.210.00 Rs.230.00

Contents1. Major Schools of Sociology2. Nature and Historical Development of Social Thought3. August Comte: 1798-18574. Herbert Spencer: 1820-19025. Ferdinand Tonnies : 1855-19366. Emile Durkheim : 18..

अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय संगठन (सार – संग्रह) (परीक्षा मंथन) सम्पादक अनिल अग्रवाल

Rs.85.00 Rs.120.00

अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय संगठन (सार – संग्रह)सम्पादकअनिल अग्रवालपरीक्षा मंथन •    संयुक्त राष्ट्र का घोषणापत्र•    अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय न्यायालय की संविधि•   ..

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